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Our firm was established in 1980. For over three decades, we have served the valuation needs of businesses and prominent families. We are based in Los Angeles and serve clients throughout California and other states. We conduct business appraisals for a variety of purposes, including estate and gift taxes, income taxes, employee stock ownership plans, loss of business goodwill, mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting and succession planning. We also provide economic damages analysis and expert testimony in business litigation.

Our principals and professional staff hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance and related disciplines. Members of the firm also hold professional designations from the American Society of Appraisers. Firm members have prior experience in finance, portfolio management, appraisal, public equity analysis, and banking. Our principals have qualified as experts in various state and federal courts, including U.S. Tax Court, and have provided extensive expert testimony relating to business valuation and economic damages.

A Statement About Independence

Higgins, Marcus & Lovett Inc., is and has always been, an independent business valuation firm. We are not affiliated with any accounting firm, investment bank or other financial institution. Our independence is your assurance of appraisals that are unbiased and uncompromised.

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